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Fabric Labels and Tags

Most fabric label companies promise high quality, punctuality, and competitive pricing on their sites, but that’s not always what they deliver. There are large companies that charge a lot but won’t give your work the personal attention it deserves. Then there are the extremely small shops without the skill or equipment to provide quality merchandise on time. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is able to avoid both pitfalls. We’re large enough to get the job done and done right, and we’ll never be so big that our customers won’t be our top priority.

We provide a full range of labels for clothing and other products, including custom-printed fabric labels, woven labels, iron-on, and self-adhesive labels, as well as hang tags and leg stickers (pressure-sensitive labels). We are especially proud of labels made of four types of cotton that are unsealed at the ends to prevent fraying.

Labels are a crucial part of making products that sell and create lasting bonds with consumers for future sales. Whether it’s a large hang tag emblazoned with a company logo and providing detailed information about a product’s overall message or a small fabric label with legally required facts about the composition of a product, labels, and tags matter a lot. We take our work seriously because it’s serious for our customers.

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