Cotton Labels

Cotton labels make more sense than ever because soft and comfortable clothing is what consumers want – and labels need to be comfortable, too! At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we believe the fabric labels need to be as well-crafted as the clothes they adorn. With our enormous variety of labels, not only do our products blend seamlessly with yours in terms of comfort, but the texture and color offerings ensure that your brand’s mark will stand out on any rack. Better yet, our products are left unsealed at the ends to prevent fraying.

Cotton Label Types

Gone are the days of basic, scratchy clothing labels whose only purpose was to include often mandatory wash and care information. Labels have evolved into a brand’s signature on its pieces and are the best way to communicate a brand’s mission to consumers.

Our cotton labels use soy-based ink and come in the following materials:

  • Natural Cotton Twill
  • Natural Flat Cotton
  • White Flat Cotton
  • White Cotton Twill

Cotton Labels to Send a Message

Don’t miss your chance to promote your brand and its values each time a customer wears a piece of your clothing. Tags and labels allow brands to directly show their customers who they are and what they’re about. By choosing a soft cotton label with a gentle texture, buyers will be less inclined to immediately cut off the label. This ensures that your brand’s logo stays affixed to the piece and serves as a constant reminder to the buyer of the brand each time they put the article of clothing on.

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